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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Ads for Oral Sex!

One day, in the comparatively innocent times that we grew up in, a friend announced, "I had oral sex." I and another friend present were stupefied. We were still in school. "Come, again," (no pun intended) we said. He repeated the four shattering words again, with extra emphasis.

Curious, we prodded for details and it turned out that our 'sexually gratified' pal had just talked a bit about sex with a girl on the phone. Being more enlightened, courtesy the agony column in The Teenager and quite a few magazines that we weren't exactly supposed to read then, we let our naive friend know of the dictionary meaning of oral sex.

But the times they have changed. When school kids nowadays talk of love, it isn't always platonic, as in our times (Damn, I already feel old).

Ads for oral sexEven newspapers do not shy away from advertising for fellatio services, as I discovered today. The massage parlour and escort services ads have been around for many years. Objections were raised, but such ads still fill in many column centimetres of the classifieds pages.

Since I'm on the look out for a new house, was scanning Times Classifieds, that comes along with the Sunday Times of India for properties. Under the 'Massage Parlours' head I discovered at least two ads quite brazenly peddling oral sex services. Only they interchanged a couple of letters (blowjob becomes blwojob), taking a cue from the spammers.

BANGKOK-STYLE-YOU-WORLD.CLASS Blwojob Ser Like Beautiful Charming Good Looking girl fully trained service staff CALL ASSH # 99********

REFRESHING.YOU-WORLD.CLASS Blwojob Ser By Beautiful Charming Good looking girl fully trained service staff Call KASHISH. 98********
Is it just me, or is there a striking similarity between the wordings of matrimonial ads and the ones above?

What's next? Fcuk!

(This could have been around for longer, just that I happened to notice it today)

This is one dhandha that doesn't go manda. Though I support legalising prostitution and quite agreed with the Supreme Court's observations on legalising the trade, but it isn't as easy a solution. Make a law and expect the world to fall in order.

The anti-legalising prostitution argument also makes sense (not the it's-against-our-culture kinds).

Kinda confusing.


Deepankar said...

Arey Bhai !!
HT carries even more similar kind of ads. They occupy more than half page in that case.

Sugar man said...

After all we are loosening up from that bloody hippocracy and religious dogma of those starved goddamn god men and are looking out of the well.
When I was a kid ,I was puzzled to see my whole village going ga ga ga over my not so attractive English teacher,the reason, she wore a sleeve less blouse. Eventually she got posted out by the village house Wives,reason,jealousy maybe they never got to have another session with their visually content husbands,what do i call this Sight S**x.
And then in class 9th i got a educational lesson from a Public health officer ,who came to teach AIDS contraception and blha blha.He told me India is starved,though i didn't understand at that stage but clear picture in later stages.
I always wondered why people are so discontented when they are married.Maybe becoz marriages in India are more based on wealth rather on love,trust,understanding,rationality and health.
I am confused.How do we tackle this S**x famine.