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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Pictures on the Wall

I don't remember exactly where I got these from, but when Picasa discovered them for me on my hard disk last night I was pleasantly surprised. Maybe some of you have seen the photographs before (if you recollect where - a book, magazine, website - please pass on the info here). The initial photographs are a lot of fun. So let me play a little game.

Can you identify who this cuddly little six-month-old baby is?

[Click on the images for a bigger view]

Here are some more

And more

Not yet? Let me bring in some colour.

Okay, a cricket bat (If that helps).

This one should remove all doubts (The title of the post is also a big clue).

Here's he with his mother

And with his father

Those who are still lost, let me add to the confusion. Here's he (sixth from the left standing) with his hockey teammates.

I think that's enough. Rahul Sharad Dravid has grown up a lot, and has always been the quiet type (as the photos reveal) since his childhood. Always strived to reach for the heights (see third photo from the top). And he did. He might be at the helm of an underperforming team at the moment, but that doesn't take any credit away from his ability as a cricketer. He's been one of my favourites, even though he remains an unexpressive gentleman in the towers of triumph or the depths of defeat.

Many years ago, a cousin of mine came visiting. He was just over a year old and armed with a bladder that went off precisely at the time when there wasn't any diaper to guard the cushions against his wet assault. He was just beginning to talk, and I never heard him say 'Maa' or 'Baba,' as kids usually do. His tongue had a distinct liking for the name, "Daa-bid" and he jumped with excitement every time Rahul Dravid was visible on the television screen. Haven't met him ever since. Putting this post together reminded me of him and his infantile Dravid attraction. To you, perhaps the youngest ever Dravid fan.

Rahul Dravid photo

More bricks from the wall:

Rahul Dravid photo
With classmates

Rahul Dravid photo

Rahul Dravid photo
Athletic ability: School sports day

Rahul Dravid photo

Rahul Dravid photo

Rahul Dravid photo
With brother Vijay

Rahul Dravid photo
During his and his brother's thread ceremony

Rahul Dravid photo
Jammy with Sunny: With Sunil Gavaskar

Rahul Dravid photo
With fellow House Captains at St. Joseph's Boys High School, Bangalore

Rahul Dravid photo
South Zone Under 15 Cricket team (December 1986, Cuttack)

Rahul Dravid photo

Rahul Dravid photo

Rahul Dravid photo
Trophies galore

Rahul Dravid photo
On the field

Rahul Dravid photo
And off it (with the gear intact)

Rahul Dravid photo
With family

Rahul Dravid photo

Rahul Dravid photo

Rahul Dravid photo
With friends

With a python (it looks like one)

And as a Chinese

There were more photographs in that forgotten folder. But that's what you usually see in the papers whenever India is donning the blues to play in the greens.


educatedunemployed said...

When I came down to the photo where the 6th from the left was stressed upon, I was like damn Rahul Dravid would have looked so much like you at that age.


Rohit Talwar said...

One of my favourite players!

b v n said...

Nice one !...this post should be a mail fwd :)

San said...

There was a time when I named myself Dravid's Fluffy Slippers ;) - he is my cricketing hero, but slightly disappointed as for a moment i thought that cute podgy child was you!

Gypsy said...

this post is priceless for someone :)

S.P.Saravana selvan said...

To see the "Great Wall" in his childhood. Thank u for ur post.

Soumyadip said...

Educatedunemployed Friends also say so. Happy that my little game was successful.

Rohit As I said, mine too.

BVN Go ahead, spread the pics.

San "Dravid's Fluffy Slippers!"
Unfortunately I wasn't that podgy. Cute, maybe.

Gypsy That adds value to the post.

S.P. Saravana Selvan The photographs are of the Great 'Little' Wall.

bachodi said...

Wonderful compilation ... thanks for this.

Anwesha said...

i am a great fan of rahul dravid. i just love him. i want to meet him. but thanks for these wonderful photos.

nishu said...

Hi! I m a True Dravid Fan, and my, these photos are beyond Brilliant, Adorable and Amazing!Thanks a lot for this GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR8 Compilation!Believe me, now i dont think the Forgotten Folder, will be easily forgotten ever!!Once again, Thanx a Bunch!

Meenal said...

brilliant job........thnx for the wonderful pics............