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Monday, June 28, 2010

So long Blogger. Here comes WordPress-powered

After five years of blogging on Blogger, it's now time to move on to WordPress (as announced earlier). While the flavour of Cutting the Chai will not change as a result of the metamorphosis from to, I intend to add more spice in the new domain.

Of late tweeting has eaten into my blogging. After the immediate release of a thought/experience via a tweet, I usually don't have the inclination left to follow that with a longer blog post. While Twitter is a wonderful platform but it cannot (no matter what people say) replace the blog. While I shall continue to tweet (@soumyadip), I promise to blog too.

And this move is just a step towards fulfilling that promise. Having my own hosting gives me greater control my content and the WordPress platform, as everyone will agree, adds more fun to the blog.

Those of you who subscribe to this blog via RSS/Atom feeds, don't need to update the URL in your feed reader. They've all been redirected.

If you keep track of Cutting the Chai posts via email (powered by FeedBlitz), that has also been updated. Emails related to new posts on should land in your inbox.

The new Cutting the Chai is still a work in progress. You'll find many elements from the old blog missing in the new. I'll gradually add them (and more).

The will remain for the near future, but all the fresh updates (have already imported all the old posts and comments) will happen on the Might add a 303 redirection in the future for more seamlessness.

Like the Dilliwallas, who experienced discomfort while the Delhi Metro lines were being built and blessed the mass transit system when it zipped them through the crowded city, I too hope that the momentary inconvenience that the Chaiwallah might make you undergo will finally result in a world-class experience.

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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Printable Football World Cup 2010 Schedule in IST

Flaming Soccer BallThe World Cup is only a few hours away and like all the previous editions (right from 1986, though I don't remember much of that) I'll be hooked to the ball. Thankfully, this year the match timings are comparatively India friendly.

Keeping alive the Cutting the Chai tradition of simple-printable-A4-sized-approach, here's presenting the 2010 World Cup Football South Africa schedule with timings in Indian Standard Time (IST).

(Just in case printing is not your thing and you prefer interactivity over a static piece of paper, I have also put together an interactive version of the 2010 Football World Cup schedule here. The list is sortable according to match number, date and time, team name, group and venue.)

This schedule/calendar of the World Cup matches is in a simple printable single-page A4 format. Note that the listed matches are only for the Group Stage. Will put up another schedule for the knock-out stages once the group matches get over.

The matches are sorted according to their time of play and have a very simple and easy to follow format (unlike most of the other World Cup schedules that I came across, including that on the official FIFA website).

This Football World Cup calendar is available in two versions (both in PDF). The first has a little dash of colour and shading and the other is the ink-friendly version.

You may preview/print/download the files below:

2010 A4 Printable World Cup Schedule/Calendar with timings in IST

Download PDF

2010 A4 Printable World Cup Schedule/Calendar with timings in IST (Ink-friendly)

Download PDF

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