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Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Narcissist Sparrows

Thankfully in Delhi there are still a lot of birds around (the feathery kind). I do my bit to make them feel at home with their morning supply of grains (and water in the summers). It's not that they don't trouble me once in a while.

Today, my friend pointed out that the some of the sparrows had developed a narcissist trait. They perched themselves on the mirror and continued to gaze at their own reflection, occasionally pecking at it, only to move away when disturbed.

I thought of recording it, but I (as always) forgot to charge the camera's batteries. Therefore had to opt for the poorer quality delivered by my cellphone, but there was only one then drooling at herself (just a guess). Here's a short clip.

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Sunday, March 09, 2008

A Master's Pic from When He Was Little

The last time I discovered a cricketing hero's childhood photos, I was quite excited and passed it on to the readers of this blog. Today, I found another.

Continuing with the guessing game tradition, guess who? (and for those hooked to television comedy talent shows - pehchaan kaun?)

Not very tough I think, or maybe it is. I'm sure some of you would have seen this photo, even though it isn't as popular as that of a a wavy-haired little Sachin.

Got it? If not, this is the original Little Master when he was actually little.

This photo of Sunil Manohar Gavaskar is sourced from his 1976 autobiography Sunny Days. And the caption accompanying the photograph reads:

Gavaskar 'the baby' cricketer, in leg-guards stiched by his mother and sweater knitted by his grandmother.

And this photo is when he grew up a little more and tied the knot with Marshaniel.

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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Incredible Colours of India

Incredible !ndia in a colourful packaging

Charcoal Grey
Have a thirty-six-course banquet cooked for you. Shop for over sixty kinds of tulips. Access e-mail round the clock. All without ever setting foot on land.
Incredible !ndia

Mustard Yellow
100% recyclable. 100% bio-degradable. 100% self-sufficient. 100% rural tourism.
Incredible !ndia

Born 563 BC. Enlightened in 528 BC. Great passing in 483 BC. Still lives in millions of hearts. Buddha, The Enlightened One.
Incredible !ndia

Revolutionary Green
All eyes on the world's fastest growing region. After all, one can't help but sit up and notice 130,000 species of flora and fauna, and almost 2 billion acres of forest.
Incredible !ndia

For centuries Indian spices were traded and smuggled over dangerous waters and routes. Now easily available in 50g, 100g and 500g packets.
Incredible !ndia

Water Colours
232 lakes. 273 rivers. 7,517 km of coastline. Incredible India. Choose your colour.
Incredible !ndia

Tea Green
Darjeeling is the champagne of teas, grown high in the valleys where the world's smallest train does its rounds. Assam is known for its full-bodied flavour, as robust as the one-horned rhino that roams in its plains. In Munnar, you could even get a taste of a planter's life in sprawling bunglows, British-era clubs with tennis, golf, bridge and of course high tea.
Incredible !ndia

It took 20,000 workers, 1,000 elephants and 17 years to build the Taj Mahal. World heritage site. Ultimate symbol of love.
Incredible !ndia

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