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Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Narcissist Sparrows

Thankfully in Delhi there are still a lot of birds around (the feathery kind). I do my bit to make them feel at home with their morning supply of grains (and water in the summers). It's not that they don't trouble me once in a while.

Today, my friend pointed out that the some of the sparrows had developed a narcissist trait. They perched themselves on the mirror and continued to gaze at their own reflection, occasionally pecking at it, only to move away when disturbed.

I thought of recording it, but I (as always) forgot to charge the camera's batteries. Therefore had to opt for the poorer quality delivered by my cellphone, but there was only one then drooling at herself (just a guess). Here's a short clip.

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dwaipayan said...

"I do my bit to make them feel at home with their morning supply of grains (and water in the summers)"-

since when??? yesterday??

Soumyadip said...

Dwaipayan: Since 6:40 AM October 31, 2003.

Siddhima said...

Used to happen a lot in my room in Bombay. It started off with one male and soon grew into about three or four of them constantly sitting and staring at their reflections and pecking at them sometimes. It was quite convenient too, as my mirror was on top of my dressing table and they could make themselves cozy on it.

I had to keep the mirror covered with a sheet finally to stop them coming in. Was afraid they would break their beaks with all that pecking (Not to mention a thoroughly dirtied dressing table).

By the way, it is very easy to tell the sexes apart. The male has a patch of black on its throat. I remember reading a story in Tinkle years ago about how the female sparrow wanted some kajal for her eyes, so the male got it for her smeared on his breast because he forgot to take along a container for it. :D

Soumyadip said...

Siddhima: It is indeed a relief to know that my sparrows' behaviour isn't that unusual (they are still at it).

Now that you mention the Tinkle story, I too vaguely remember it. Thanks for the info.

soumya mukerji said...

Hmmm... I thought only parrots imitated their masters ;) and whoa... thank God you put up that 'A' certificate on your blog... was long due :P

Pallavi said...

hahaha !! really cute.
My sparrows dont have a mirror but it definitely comes to say hello and knows how to ask for food.
I love them.. and they have permanent residence in the pipe next to my kitchen window...

I also had confusion on the male female part then observed how the patched one came to eat first and then allowed the female to come by. Also it always got the nest stuff while the female waited.. :)
Tyical male and female.. behaivor... She looks after the nest and he provides...

They are one of my favorites ..
Now I have cockatiels as pets and they are so lovely.. :)

And not to mention the pigeons..who think they own my kitchen ... sigh..

Soumyadip said...

Soumya: It's better to get an 'A' certificate rather than incorporate the cuts suggested by the censors.

Pallavi: Men will be men. It's how mother nature made them.

Talking about pigeons, the thing I hate about them is what they leave behind.

aquamarine said...

oye shuba nabha barsho (my feeble attempt may be applauded)

Well, we have fat pigeons (the rowdy gang, bulllie), crows (foodies) and the squirrel (choosy and cute, plays it safe though occ can surprise you with its valor) visiting ou kitchen everyday and the whole scene is like a movie in itself. They fight, scream, induclge ina cts of rowdism, heriosm too and goddamn choosy about the food..phew..hard to please too:) I guess all of us some regular visitors..Lets all get together and make a movie, wat say?:)
Hey sowmya, can you get me the movie called After Sunset ( i have seen the prequql After Sunrise) - Ethan Hawke and Julie Delphi. I you havent seen it, it comes highly recommded..bin trying to download it. not happening. lemme know if u cna help. Stay in touch.

Syeda Semim Zahan said...

bechara sparrow!!!

Anonymous said...

Right. Now, when do you return?

ohitsme said...

Miss you terribly. I guess your work keeps you very busy. Thats our misfortune.

Soumyadip said...

Aquamarine: *Thunderous applause*

Sorry about the movie. I simply forgot about that.

Syeda: Yeh bechara aks ke bojh ka mara

Gaizabonts, Ohitsme: I'm back.