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Friday, November 10, 2006

Push-Ups Go Down Under

Czech model Eva Herzigova said "Hello boys," in that famous Wonderbra ad, a dozen years ago, and we all responded in a full throated "Hi!"

Wonderbra Ad - Eva Herzigova

The times they have changed. And the guys Downunder are focussing on, what else, the stuff down under.

Patriot undies

The briefs (Wonderjock) are named 'Patriot' and the product description on the website says:

Your country has never been prouder and neither have you! The new 'wondercup' technology in these attention-grabbing, all-cotton Patriot briefs will have you seriously looking bigger and feeling amazing.

Since the elastic band reads "Property of Australia," it cannot expect much of Indian orders, especially after the Pawar shove.


San said...

they could've picked a nicer model for the mens down under shot :(

Soumyadip said...

San The reason can be found in their info page.

"We can't afford the paid celebrity endorsements, so we use the next best thing - ourselves."