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Monday, November 27, 2006

A Movie and a Martyr

Satyendra DubeyJust finished watching a documentary on (broadcast on NDTV 24X7) the man whose death familiarised the term 'whistleblower' to the Indian public. Today is the third anniversary of Satyendra Kumar Dubey's death.

The documentary - Satyendra Jayate - was very Doordarshanish and reminded me of diploma/degree films which half-baked students at media schools usually put together. Clich├ęd and uninspiring, the credits mention some Little Doc Productions. They might have been short of funding, but that's not an excuse. Creative innovation is possible on less than half a shoestring. Satyendra deserved better. The unrecognised Satyendras deserve better.

Watch the trailer (It's a little better than the complete documentary).


Sandeepa said...

This is not really a comment for this post.
I loved your Indian Ad Archives. It's been a while since I have watched Indian Ads. But back in India I was more of an ad-addict than any soap addict.
Miss Indian ads even now, ads here suck, I don't know how with such poor ads this country manages to sell so much
Maybe later you can put up some ad-movies on youtube

Soumyadip said...

Sandeepa I do have a collection of ad films with me. Thanks for the tip. I might start a series soon.