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Monday, November 06, 2006

The Power Sunset

I heard you all. So here's a filler while I work on my next 'major' post. This is New Delhi's South Block, the place from where the nation is run.


San said...

did you take this photo yourself? good shot.

dwaipayan said...

you are getting better day by day... at photography, of course!!

Sandeepa said...

good photography...and nice blog design too
everybody is on beta it seems
are you a bong ?

Soumyadip said...

San Yes, Ma'am.

Dwaipayan At other things too.

Sandeepa The blog design took some serious effort to put in place. I was initially reluctant of beta, then the feature-trap drew me in. Yes, a Bong, my name's a dead giveaway. And since I'm trying my hand at Bengali cuisine, your blog would be of a great help.

dwaipayan said...

other things?? hmmm..I hope I'll get to know in near future what other things u r getting good at.