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Thursday, September 28, 2006

What the Work Was

The work is still in progress. If no one noticed the change, my efforts haven't gone in vain.

Anyway, San made the right guess. After all it was her email pointing out the cross-browser incompatibility of this blog that got me playing trial-and-error with HTML, JavaScript and the new markup language that Google is using (named Google Markup Language by some gyaanis). Being unable to work on Dreamweaver (so much better than FrontPage) bought me back to Notepad, like all those coders (feeling tekkie already). It's a new template (still working on it)!

Doesn't look new? Therefore it took me so long to put it together. Blogger beta templates are quite different from the ones that I got used to while designing the erstwhile template for this blog. Thankfully there were guys like Ramani and Hans around for help. The purpose was to keep the look as close to the old template and bring about a change in the feel. Blogger in beta does have a number of exciting features that I wanted to make the best of. The default Blogger templates do not serve my purpose. I'm still working on the template. If someone has some suggestions or finds something out of place, do let me know (with proposed solutions would be the better option).

The display on IE, also pointed out by Debanjan, still has some problems (as usual), especially with lower screen resolution. For now I'm back to regular blogging.


Atul Sabnis said...

hmph! show off! ever thought of having mercy on the poor souls who havent recd the invitation to beta and are considering wordpress?

Shivam said...

Shift. To. Wordpress. On. Your. Own. Domain.

Atul said...

who is this shivam? clairvoyant? :)

Appu said...

Dont get a head or tail of it. in the comments it says u can u use html tags loke b i etc, but never got to know how to use it. Anyways the eyes are pretty good. its good to see the font size increased also.
Atul, its ur turn now. :))

dwaipayan said...

as usual I'll criticize ur new template... and will be a fan of it after some time...:P

Atul Sabnis said...

yup - i agree with appu - a smaller font size (esp on black) was kind difficult.

Looking better, but i know more tinkering continues in the background.

Appu, my turn for what? you should check soumya's blogroll when he updates it ;)

Soumyadip said...

Atul (Comment 1) Beta is a guniea pig paradise.

Shivam The unofficial WP brand propagator is here.

Atul (Comment 2) About Shivam's precognitive abilities I know little of. All that I know that he believes that eating besan ke laddoos is akin to cannibalism.

Appu Initially I too couldn't make much of that, but playing around with the codes I am now able to comprehend some and am also able to do a 'decent' cut-paste coding (with minor tweaking). It isn't "rocket science." There are a lot of good online tutorials to teach you the tricks.

The eyes are here for the festive season.

Many had complained about the font size, but I somehow liked the tiny look. But a redoing demanded a rethought.

Dwaipayan Throw in the bouquets and brickbats.

Atul (Comment 3) I now agree too. Yes, and the tinkering continues.

The blogroll has been updated.

Atul Sabnis said...

chaiwallah, Thank you!

when i look at the sidebars, the smaller fonts make sense. Consider having a larger font size for the posts and smaller font size for the sidebars?

word wrap is very irritating (for me).

also, you might want to consider a lighter shade of grey as the text colour rather than white. looks neater and easier on the eyes in terms of contrast.

shivam blogs where?

Soumyadip said...

Atul Thanks for the tips. I'll try to incorporate them. Shivam blogs at