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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Power Ads

Bata Canvas Tennis ShoeThere was a time when we looked at photographs of Nike, Adidas and Reebok and wondered about the day when we'll get a pair for ourselves. We also heard stories about the exploitative nature of these expensive shore companies. Our initial years were spent with feet adorned in Bubblegummers, and then we graduated to Power. The brand was first launched in 1972. In between for the white uniform day in school there was the all time favourite tennis canvas shoes.

Bata Power LogoTwo Power ads, two models. Marc Robinson and Milind Soman (It looks like him).

Marc Robinson in Power ad

Minind Soman in Power ad


educatedunemployed said...

I am curious what is your fascination with Ads?

Subhadip said...

i remember the days of 'power', with it came the copies 'tower' and so many others, some with similar logos and names. nike etc. were just dreams, we used to crave for and wear fake ones, but among the legit stuff 'power' was the one. the best i liked was the blue probably hockey shoes.

Euler's Identity said...

Clearly remember that way back in 80s most of us had to use brands like Bata, Power, North Star. Though North Star was considered bit cool :-)

Nile,Adidas were worn by the kids who had relatives back in US. These relatives used to get all the firang stuff for their nephews/ nieces during their annual trips to India

San said...

not sure about 'power' but yeah i do remember the day where i used to dream of those well known branded trainers and even clothes. thankfully i grew up and got some brain cells :)

Soumyadip said...

Educatedunemployed It has something to do with the fact which I've stated in many of my posts - I started out to become a Copy Writer but ended up as a Copy Editor.

Subhadip In Shillong, the Bhutia Bazaar took good care of your 'branded needs.'

Euler's Identity I liked the North Star ads and wanted to own one. And now when I can get a pair for myself there are too many other brands vying for my attention.

San Many brands begin and end in the tags. I too managed to grow some of those rare cells.