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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Another Fantastic Female

[This post is the second in a new category that I'm including in this blog - 'Fantastic Females']

Watched Kabir Khan's Kabul Express some days ago and quite liked the film. Indian films getting better and different (as different from the erstwhile hatke films) and that's something to celebrate about. Rather than dissecting the entire movie (which is quite short by Hindi film standards), I would focus on the what I liked the best about this adventure to post-Taliban Afghanistan - Jessica Beckham, the Reuters journalist played by Linda Arsenio.

I was quite smitten by Linda in the film (most of the earlier off-shore imports female actresses didn't impress me much. No, not even Samantha Fox) and this post is dedicated to her. She seems to be a good actress too. Hope to see more of her in Bollywood and also praying that she isn't turned into another firang caricature as a fine actor like Tom Alter was.

Another positive about Kabul Express, there's still hope that John Abraham will turn into an actor someday.

Here's a collection of images of Linda that I grabbed from the film:

1 Comment:

rebel said...

Ok, I have not watched the movie, but I should say that she looks pretty.. And, John need not act.. All he has to do is look good! And how many such actors have survived in Bollywood!