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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Black Magic Advertising

Translating the below word by word is beyond my ability; if someone believes that he/she can do it, please do.

A couple of these were thrown inside the autorickshaw I was returning from work in. These visiting card-sized advertisements are quite popular with the practitioners of the 'supernatural' arts of black magic and the like. Such ads are also frequently found pasted on the panes of Delhi's city buses.

This Guru Saheb Ji Bangali (the Bangali suffix is common with the black magic men given Bengal's association with such 'arts') promises results within two hours and this would be backed by a 'guarantee card.' He also declares himself the uncrowned king of black magic.

All kinds of woes have their possible cures with him and announces his 'specialist status' in a few of the fields. Lovelorn couples are especially invited for consultation. Though the consultation fees are Rs 151, there is a Rs 100 discount on the presentation of the card. And visitors have to bring along two incense sticks.

Even the best of professionals in the non-magical fields cannot exude such confidence.

Cigarette packets in India are yet to get the skull and bones symbol, but the warning on this card - 'Black magic may result in death' - is accompanied by one.

The believers in black magic and witchcraft are many and include many from the upwardly mobile educated class. If only we had more faith in our abilities than such mumbo-jumbo.

[The contact details have been blurred on purpose]


Babuji said...

Ustad baba bengali is a cult hit on orkut, you should just check the number of memebers of that group. I wonder if the govt will seek to ban them under the Drugs and Magic Remedies Act!!

Abhiroop Banerjee said...

I wonder if you've come across this character. He was quite a BABA in his own right!

Soumyadip said...

Abhiroop: No I haven't. But thanks to him we can at least relieve ourselves in peace while travelling on the rails.

amir said...

hi i looking for bagali bab +b;ack migic means i looking for a girl.