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Monday, July 21, 2008

Innovative Condom Photography

Old pal Kisholay seemed pleased with my series - Rubbers of India - and being the photographer that he is, promptly shot and sent me a couple of photos to propagate the message of safe sex via this blog.

Here they are:

Innovative Condom Photography
© Kisholay Ray

Innovative Condom Photography
© Kisholay Ray


Rithwik said...

Heh, pretty good!

Btw, a while ago some of us friends made a video with the same message:

dwaipayan said...

hat's off to kishalay

Soumyadip said...

Rithwik, the video seems to have been removed. Though I do recall seeing it the other day.

Dwaipayan, for a change you can also thank me. After all it is I who posted them here.

Kisholay said...

Thanks so much guys....hope u spread the message & the seeds of creativity...:)


Anonymous said...

Its and not ....:)