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Friday, November 20, 2009

Recession Effect on Blessings

There's something about recession. It has even changed the nature of blessings.

This morning, I saw a poor couple with a baby sitting the lane near my home. They were in rags and shivering in the morning cold.

Just a few days ago I had sorted out clothes that I wanted to donate through Goonj, but couldn't find the time to drop it at their collection centre. So thought of giving the poor family a few warm clothes to spend the winter in comfort.

After I handed them the clothes, the couple blessed me in gratitude. But the blessing was a little different from the usual Aapki umar lambi ho (May you live a long life) or Aap tarraki kare (May you prosper).

They instead said, Aapki naukri salamat rahein (May your job be secure).

In these uncertain times, it was indeed appropriate.

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