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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

...And Then Came Internet

Ten years is not a very long period of time. But the last decade where internet in India has evolved from archaic shell accounts to broadband has been one of epochal change. In these ten years I too have changed a lot.

1995: The ink from a Chinese Wing Sung or a Japanese Pilot pen would fill up the lines of my 'personal' diary
2005: The pitter-patter of my Samsung keyboard gives characters to thoughts on my 'public' blog

1995: The job I'm doing didn't even exist
2005: I wish it didn't

1995: I actually wrote letters on paper and posted them using postage stamps
2005: Email (others write, I forward)

1995: You needed to speak to chat
2005: ;-P

1995: College assignment = Hours in the library > Taking Notes > Comprehension > Analysis > First Draft > Second Draft > Final Copy
2005: College Assignment = Google > Copy > Paste

1995: Debonair, Fantasy et al.
2005: Google

1995: VHS
2005: Streaming video

1995: Shopping for movies and music
2005: Downloading them for free

1995: I had no friends beyond the territorial boundaries of India
2005: I have foes the world over

1995: Salesmen
2005: Spam

1995: Soumyadip Choudhury
2005: AlbinoBee


Abaniko said...

1995: Scrabble with an opponent face-to-face
2005: Scrabble with an opponent from the other side of the world who cheats by using an anagram solver

Avik said...

lol....Soumya ...amazing post....

Nana said...

I gusto mucho tu post.

dwaipayan said...

1995:postal strike
2005:can not contact server

1995: u were still a bit human
2005: u have become too electronic

however fast the e mail is, i still miss those handwritten letters written in black ink. i used to have a hard time trying to figure out the english alphabets behind those ornate extra cursive writings!!!!!!

educatedunemployed said...