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Saturday, September 03, 2005

Someone Stole My Blog

Is imitation the best form of flattery? I accidentally discovered my blog's twin yesterday; a replica sans the template, the suffix and my profile. All that I post on my 'authorised' blog is imitated on the counterfeit version. And all along I was clueless.

How am I supposed to react? Should I feel elated or violated? But I am simply bemused. Why on planet earth would anyone be stupid enough to imitate of all the wonderful weblogs in the blogosphere - MY BLOG?

The strategy seems to be one of attracting advertisers by piling up faux content. And mine was just a randomly picked one. I never expected to mint any serious money out of my writing, now some wily website believes that it can. Let them have their try.

With forgers going on their ever so innovative ways, I can't help but imagine myself in MF Hussain's shoes (does he wear any?).

[It seems that they have taken my blog off their site. The realism at last dawned on them that my writing can't deliver the greens]


dwaipayan said...

i think they have lost their brains. otherwise they'd never steal ur blog. it's so funny.

Abaniko said...

That's a warning. So, don't ever think of posting your pics on your blog. You don't know where those will land on the net. Hahaha.

Avik said...

Thank God that was taken off......