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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

(8X4) + (1X4) + the Pony's Got His Brains on His Tail

Double tagged by Aquamarine and Rita there was no escaping this. A few more tags and my uncensored biography would be online on this blog.

Four jobs I’ve had:
Poster paster
Office inventory sequencer (actually a painter who disfigures your office stuff scribbling stupid codes on them)
Documentary filmmaker

Four movies I could watch over and over (actually the ones that I feel like watching right now):
Hera Pheri
Dil Chahta Hain
Forrest Gump

Four places I’ve lived:

Four TV shows I love to watch:
The Simpsons
Sarabhai Vs. Sarabhai
Any of FTV's lingerie shows

Four places I’ve been on vacation:

Four of my favourite foods:
Shutkir Chutney
Steamed Momos
Aloo-Piyaz ke Paranthe (the non-tandoor type)
Misti Doi

Four places, I’d rather be right now:
New York
The Amazon
Sub-Saharan Africa

Four sites I visit daily:
and the website on which I work upon

Four bloggers I am tagging:
You and
last but not the least, you.

The following doesn't deserve a separate post, therefore am appending it here.

This is no do crore ka question. A simple one that even a school kid will answer without thinking twice.

Which is India's most respected civilian award?

Bharat Ratna, you say?

The wannabe toothpaste model who prefers to be addressed to as a 'management guru' believes it is the Padmashree, or atleast his article on Shobhna Bhartia (Vice-Chairperson and Editorial Director, HT Media Limited) in 'India's Most Influential Business and Economy Magazine'[1] (he's also the E-in-C) says so. He goes on to add that she won the award in 1996, but as far as my short-term memory stretches, it was a good nine years later in 2005. Wasn't getting the facts right one of the basics of good management? Or is there another 'alternative' theory on the lines of 'Survival of the Weakest', the 'Trickle-up Theory' and the 'Law of Increasing Marginal Utility?'

[1] Chaudhuri, Arindam. "Reprisal of the Oracle." Business & Economy Vol. 1 Issue XII 13-26 January 2006: 68


Pallavi said...

FOur places I would stay .. SHilong shillong shillong shillong... ahahah 1! anyday...

Accidental Fame Junkie said...

FTV's lingerie shows? Well, I knew guys hankered after FTV (the ones I know shamelessly like ANY show on FTV) but I didn't know you would admit it on a tag!

Rita said...

Well, now I know what you meant by your 'uncensored biography'! FTV, huh? ;)
I like steamed momos and mishti doi too :D
"the website on which I work upon" - didn't quite get that. I was under the impression that you are a print jurno. Care to reveal a little more about your bio? :)

aquamarine said... did I manage to forget Dil CHahtai Hai!...uncensored bio is an exaggeration Sowmya! U love lingerie shows on FTV, momos, Shillong.....pseudo journo... doesnt reveal much

Anonymous said...

any1 wanna kno more abt soumya? i kno all abt him, where he wrks, evrything. wanna kno more? watch this space.

dwaipayan said...

who'z this anonymous writer????he's behaving as if u r a sensational news item urself!!!!!