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Monday, April 17, 2006

Goodies for Edmundians

St. Edmund's College, Shillong
Many nostalgic Edmundians find their way through Google to this blog. What they seek is images of their alma mater (also mine). There were only eight photographs in the earlier post. To make things easier for my fellow brethren, I'm uploading my entire collection of St. Edmund's College, Shillong, photos online.

Click here to download a zip file (8.49 MB) consisting of 36 high-resolution (1280 X 960) photographs (JPG). If it's moving action that you want, click here for a video of the empty campus [00:05:31 WMV 2.05 MB 56kbps 160X120 No audio]

Download low resolution [ZIP (36 JPG files) 1.29 MB 400X300 Px]

Alternative download links:

* High resolution photographs
* Low resolution photographs
* Video

The download links mentioned above have expired. I've created a Flickr photoset of my photographs of St. Edmund's, Shillong (49 photos). You can click here to view a slideshow or here to view and download the pics. Had some bandwidth constraints therefore uploaded only 400X533 pixel resolution photographs. If anyone needs copies with higher resolution, send me an email.

[November 2, 2006]

St. Edmund's College, Shillong Coat of Arms/EmblemSEC for St. Edmund's,
Leaders in every field,
Cheer boys cheer St. Edmund's,
Leaders who never yield,
Proudly flies our flag boys,
Gold, maroon and green,
Cheer, cheer, cheer for St. Edmund's boys,
Cheer for SEC.

Here's where are lives are made,
Here's where foundations are laid,
Here we strive to make our plans for God and country...

(Thanks Bertand Dkhar for emailing me the college anthem)


educatedunemployed said...

The photos,capture a coveted tranquility.Some thing I now miss from my Nepal days.I know it had a profound affect on shaping my personality, which is what probably brings back some beautiful memories and more.Not an Edmundian, but cannot thank you enough.

Anonymous said...

Shillong Leaves me breathless. I was born there and it has shaped me for what I am .This journey has been a long one.And yet the nostalgia of shillong lingers on

Anonymous said...

Freaking thanks man.

Anonymous said...

Soumya, Dude

The links for the pics and vids are not functional. Do you have any other shares to pick em up from thanks.