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Friday, April 21, 2006

I Don't Want Dowry Dot Com

I Don't Want Dowry Dot Com
Yet another matrimonial site, but at least the idea is applaudable. How many of us Indian men can truly say and mean these words, "I just want you... I don't want dowry?" (Please exclude the heads-over-heels-in-love types) I hope we all do. Prove me right.

Update: May 4, 2006
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Rita said...

I hope so too. :)

Shivangi said...

Whoa! Dude, what happened here while I was away? Must say, thats a lot of effort...!

Accidental Fame Junkie said...

Yeah, I saw the news item on this site. I hope it has some social impact.

dwaipayan said...

I do!!!and watsthematter??????suddenly u r checking matrimonial sites?????

planning to get married?????

psychacid said...

A really cool blog this.

Soumyadip said...

Rita All of us in our senses do, but do we number enough?

Shivangi The world's changin' so am I

AFJ I too hope it does

Dwaipayan No bro, no knotty plans soon. Just happened to chance upon the site.

Psychacid Thanks

Swarup said...

What is the grantee that if your marriage does not suceed and if
your wife say you had asked dowry, will any one belive and will not
send your age old parents, pregent sister behind the bar,
irrespective you want dowry or not ?

That is called 498A and DV act.

Secondly, would you please tell me :-

What is called "Dowry" and waht is called "Streedhan".

Next waht is called SOWRY?

Some people born as Blind and some People made blind by so called
Feminist, I wonder which one you are.

Yes when a Dishonest Daughter- in- law will rape some one's Mother,
sister or small child, we proudly say.. I don't want dowry , please
leave me, but Indian Law and society will not understand that, you
have not asked dowry….

Anonymous said...

I want lots of dowry any body interested contact

Anonymous said...

There is noyhing wrong in taking the dowry
It is the type of support to the new family

Anonymous said...

I am goin for an arranged marriage without dowry. So did my parents. So you're not right :)