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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Trapped in Terracotta

Last month an official endeavour took me to the fringes of South Delhi - the road that leads to the new boomtown called Gurgaon, originally Gurugram (it was the location of Guru Dronacharya's ashram in the Mahabharata). MG Road in cities across the country expands to Mahatma Gandhi Road, but this is the Mehrauli-Gurgaon road, where the Municipal Corporation of Delhi rebuked by the Supreme Court let loose the bulldozers. The once hip-and-happenin' malls look ghastly; whatever is left of them hangs precariously. On this road a little far ahead are farmhouses - the semi-rural retreat of the urban rich. Here is housed the Sanskriti Pratishthan's (Sanskriti Foundation) Sanskriti Kendra - a terracotta treasure house. I couldn't help but let my digicam shutter open and close relentlessly. Here are the results.

The Cameraman


Banyan Tree



Pathway to Light



Surbhi said...

Why are you calling that person a cameraman. He looks like an impaired begger, who must have been given the camera? Can you see he is still begging?

dwaipayan said...

the pics remind me of shantiniketn????ever been there??????