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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Beedi Bags - the Latest Style Statement

Shera BeediIn university hostels the month begins with 555s and Marlboros, by the late 20s it comes to beedis - traversing Classic, Wills Navy Cut and choti Gold Flake on the way. The best time for a beedi is when you are drenched wet and the best part is that even the poor labourer doesn't mind giving you one from his bundle. This selfless sharing is also evident (to a much greater extent) amongst khaini khanewalas. Coming back to the beedi, the Who's Who wouldn't like to be seen puffing one (with the exception of actors - oh! now even they can't) least the others say Who's That? But the bags they come packaged in demand a high price. is selling 'Bidi Bags - Vintage Indian Ad Canvas Totes' for a listed price of $30. The actual selling price is 33 per cent lower (the trick always works). There's also the Kayam Churana bag on sale.

For the uninitiated the website also provides the features, usage and translations:

These Vintage Indian Ad Canvas Totes are a fun and unique way to carry your groceries, gym, yoga, or beach gear.

* These totes are hand-made in a Fair-Trade, woman-owned business in India
* Hand-screened designs
* Actual reprints of vintage ads
* Natural canvas
* Poly-backed for moisture-resistance
* 6-inch handles
* Measures 17 inches wide x 15 inches high

Ad translations:

* Shera Bidi - Shera means 'Like a Lion'
* Kayam Chooran - Here, 'Kayam' means physically fit and 'Chooran' is an herbal digestive powder. So, 'Kayam Chooran' refers to an herbal digestive powder which, when ingested, keeps you fit!

Also recommended: Seyadhu Beedi Company's website

Statutory Warnings: Cigarette/beedi smoking is injurious to health. Chewing tobacco is injurious to health. Not meant for minor.

Just playing safe. Today it is the movies; tomorrow it might be the blog. You have to plan for the future.


Atul Sabnis said...

heya! this time i got there first @ Just playing safe. Today it is the movies; tomorrow it might be the blog. You have to plan for the future.

dwaipayan said...

but i prefer my goldflake..beedi has such a pungent smell

Fingers said...

there's nothing quite like a chai and a navy cut by the roadside. ah...hostel life!

Life of Pi said...

Rajasthan bidis are consdiered good and are definitely better than the delhi ones.

aquamarine said...

bidi aur it really a classic combination as we see it in the has a rough but irrestitble charm about it. Naah, havent tried it yet...

Soumyadip said...

Atul Yes, buddy. You beat me to it this time. May the competition continue.

Dwaipayan Don't you know that kids below 18 aren't supposed to be consuming tobacco products?

Fingers Chai and Navy Cut. Oooh! Those were the days.

Life of Pi Yes, Rajasthani bidid are famous. Though never tried one yet. I think I should do a comparitive analysis of the bidis of India.