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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Vintage Indian Advertisements

Last month's invitee to the Isspecial Cutting Chai - The Comic Project houses not only an enviable and ever-increasing archive of comics - mostly from the Indrajal era. Housed between the pages of those comic books are wonderful examples of vintage Indian print advertising which evoke that welcome whiff of nostalgia. I scrounged through the entire Comic Project archives for these ads. Here's the first batch of the many to come. Thanks again TCP.

[Click on images for a bigger view]

Gold Spot

Asoka Biscuits
Asoka Biscuits


Liberty Cameras
Liberty Cameras

Camel Oil Pastels
Camel Oil Pastels


aquamarine said...

'those were teh days'....a big hug for u for documenting these nostalgic moments..:)

educatedunemployed said...

I remember Gold Spot and the factory near Andheri, but none of these adds.funnily enough, I am still smiling.

Soumyadip said...

aqua There are more coming.

EduUnEmp These old ads unfailingly bring that smile on to our lips. Got a feel good factor about them.

adi said...

got to the first post;)
yeah, they do bring smiles to my face, especially considering ma major part of the collection is copy heavy...
so,those were the days...
wen copywriters ruled the ad world...
today, ppl dont have time, they dont wanna read, and that maked poor adi sad;)
hey, i liked campa cola more than goldspot though

Anonymous said...

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