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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A Song for Shillong

The reasons for us to watch Jag Mundhra's films during school and early college years were obvious. Now when his latest venture Provoked released, I didn't have the urge to spend money and time to watch his work featuring Aishwariya Rai (now Bachchan). Since it was very unlikely for Aishwarya to be doing a Helen Brodie [NSFW].

Last night, on the way back from work I heard the OST of the film for the first time and one song touched my heart. Again for obvious reasons. The song was titled 'Shillong.' Sung by Karen David, who traces a part of her ancestry to the beautiful hill city. Karen also has plays a role in the movie.

Most Shillongites would relate to the song.

Here's a short sample from the song:

[MP3 00:00:59]

To listen to the complete version go to Karen's MySpace space.

Read an earlier post on the music of Shillong


educatedunemployed said...

I envy the way you identify with Shillong and how much of it you do.
I enjoy it and I am happy for you, but in some way envy you.

Soumyadip said...

EducatedUnemployed Envy is good. It makes me feel better. If I happen to settle in Shillong, there's an open invitation for you to be my guest and enjoy the environs (if 'development' doesn't spoil it by then).