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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Vodafone Zoozoo Ads - The Complete Collection

Vodafone ZoozoosEver since the ads started airing during the ongoing IPL season, everyone everywhere is gushing about them. And they are indeed cute.

I was surprised when I discovered that the loveable egg-headed humanoids aren't digitally generated but real people in costumes.

Update: da Cunha Communications spreads out a Amul topical ad on the Zoozoo phenemenon:

Amul Vodafone Zoozoo Ad

O&M and Nirvana Films have put together a series that we all would remember for long and I'm putting all that I can find at one place. Enjoy.

[I've kept the videos light so that they play smoothly in Indian internet conditions and will keep adding to this collection as new ads go on air]

Vodafone Zoozoos - Independence Day

Vodafone Zoozoos - Torch

Vodafone Zoozoos - Exam Results

Vodafone Zoozoos - Background Music

Vodafone Zoozoos - Call Divert

Vodafone Zoozoos - Email

Vodafone Zoozoos - Facebook

Vodafone Zoozoos - Group SMS

Vodafone Zoozoos - Ringtones/Silent

Vodafone Zoozoos - Recharge Anywhere

Vodafone Zoozoos - Fashion Tips

Vodafone Zoozoos - Voice SMS

Vodafone Zoozoos - Magic Box 2

Busy Message

Backup Phonebook

Beauty Tips

Bhakti Sagar

Call Filter

Cricket Alerts

Chhota Credit

Cricket Commentary

Dating Tips


International Roaming

Magic Box Two Year Replacement


Star of the Match 2

Star of the Match

Musical Greetings

Stock Alerts

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Check out Vodafone latest Zoozoo ad - Independence Day with the Zoozoos