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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Dilliwallahs, Let's Take Errant Autowallahs to Task

Auto DevilThis service has been on for quite a while in Delhi but seems that not too many people are aware of this.

The next time when an auto rickshaw driver or a taxi driver in Delhi overcharges or refuses (even misbehaves or harasses) you. Don't just argue and move away (as we usually do). Send an SMS to 56767 (Save the number to your phonebook. It'll come handy) and leave it to the Delhi Traffic Police to take action.

The SMS needs to be preferably sent in a specified format.

In case of:

Refusal (REF)
Type REF

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Somnath Paul said...

Wish this service was available all over India, especially in Kolkata: during Night emergency Hrs... for the plying night taxis..which charge too much!!!

Rajeev Lochan Sharma said...

A very helpful information which every Delhiet should know. Thanks for sharing. It deserves to be share with ones friends. I'll share it across all my Social Media.

ohitsme said...

As usual excellent information. This is cool. Delhi Police is working..lets appreciate them. Even with all inefficiency some success is bound to happen. I am in Malaysia these days but I can feel the need for this kind of service. Thanks once again for the info.