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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Hindustan Times: Hitting the paper on the head

Hindustan Times It Is Time CampaignHindustan Times seems to have a thing for makeovers. I remember seeing atleast four different avatars of the newspaper.

Good. Change is good.

Though I didn't quite like their print campaign advertising the all new Hindustan Times, their short TV ads do make a point and hit the paper right on the head, literally.

Here are four TVCs from the Hindustan Times 'it is time' campaign.

Ironically, the 'Better Journalism' ad is also being aired on news channels.

Better Journalism

Open Our Minds

Stop Panicking

Being Cynical


Anonymous said...

I have loved this series. Thanks for putting these up here - I have missed the better journalism one. Reminds you of Durkha Butt.

Any idea, who their agency is?

Soumyadip said...

@Gaizabonts I think it's Lowe Lintas.