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Friday, September 18, 2009

No videos! Because deleted my account has deleted my account because I apparently violated their terms of service. I assume that it has something to do about the ads that I upload, they might have interpreted it as promotion for the goods/services. The worst part is that I wasn't even informed.

Though my intention, as any regular reader of this blog would agree, was never to promote a particular product. It was to put at one place ads that people love and those from another age that I managed to dig out. It was for the students and the researchers and the ad lovers.

I hope restores my account or at least lets me download the content, so that I can put them up elsewhere (where they will be less likely to be taken off). Should have kept a backup of so many years of effort. I have some, but not all.

I used to host my videos because I found it much better than any other video sharing services out there. Though I didn't intend to use ads on the videos (it doesn't pay much anyway), I did because my conscience told so. So that the good guys at get some benefit from providing me with their (till now) excellent service.

To be fair to I even got paid for my share of the advertising revenue that the videos I uploaded generated and reinvested it back to my online interests.

Till the time I put things back in order, please bear with the videolessness (also some audio) on this blog. And this could take a while.


Suhel Banerjee said...

Soumyadip, this sounds quite unprofessional on their part and hope the account is restored at the earliest. Your blog has been a brilliant source of the most creative and entertaining ads and I hope it continues in spite of this blip!

Somnath Paul said...

Very surprising and very unfortunate. Infact it was from your Blog that I got such a personalzed Video Portal. Although You Tube is there, but I have also certain ads...! Guess they have been deleted already!

Abhiroop Banerjee said...

You did not use a single expletive :)

chandan said...

damn this is ridiculous

tasneem said...

Please continue writing...miss you not updating your were the earliest ones who ignited my interest in the concept of blogging.