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Thursday, November 10, 2005

A Helpline for Hombres

Dowry harassment doesn't shock our insensitive psyches much, unless the in-laws resort to something heinous as bride-burning. We have accepted the unlawful practice of dowry as a way of life. Bureaucrats to business badshahs - everyone demands or delivers the pound of flesh.

On some Delhi road-dividers you will find small dangling boards which state the other side of the story.

The text in Hindi translates into:

Under the guise of dowry laws
If the wife troubles, let us know

(Only write - Don't Meet)

B.H.-712, (East) Shalimar Bagh, Delhi-88
9810170681, 27491446

Tormented men of the world unite. Direct your woes to Man Cell. Only write, don't meet.


Anthony said...

But of course it is a possibility, as human are..
its good that we don't hav a dowry system and even though it has become a prestige issue for the bride's family to give away car's, jewelery, plasma TV etc above the traditional Furnitures/normal white goods. but even this this gives rise to pratiality amongts multiple daughter inlaws so many educated Men opt for nothing at all except the traditional bed and almirah or a token 1 rupee. My mom have told me that she will refuse anything ;-)...if anybody is wiling to marry me HAHAHA

aquamarine said...

I find that the marriage scene is far from what it used to be. No one takes crap from any one of any kind. However the problem maybe restricted to a particular class of society (or countries)where there are no resources or infrastructure. Chk out Equalitynow


Gypsy said...

hahaha, thats sorry if u've written it as a serious issue, but i can't help finding it funny! for many reasons actually!

pallavi said...

finally the men can also complain :)

Accidental Fame Junkie said...

OH MY GOD! This is apalling! You mean to say that some people out there think that just like insect extermination, wife extermination is a business! Now I know why the capital is an unsafe place for women! And this does not include the rapes that used to make headlines.

Accidental Fame Junkie said...

By the by, the title of the post sounds like the name of a Gabriel Garcia Marquez novel! :)

MCP said...

With sex ratio dwindling to an all time low in India, dowry is not going to stop but will reverse its course. Groom burning is well within the realm of reality now.

Sumanth said...

Wake up guys.

There are 10 organisations all over India to rescue men and their families suffering from vicious women and their families.

In India, women drive 5 times more men to suicide than the so called dowry deaths.

SIF works against false propaganda by feminists

Bharat said...

Misuse of dowry laws (a.k.a. the dreaded IPC 498A) is spreading like blood cancer in the society, destroying Indian families. The law made for modern Sita is grossly abused and misused by modern Supernakhas.

Misuse of Dowry Laws

Rebel said...

Hey guys, whats the issue if a guy is tortured by a woman. Its alright. Its not something new to all of us. So why there is so much chaos on whether women are really harassing men legally. Yes, they are harassing, so what ? Don't tell me that you have never been harassed by a woman. The issue here is that Government has all the factual information on the way the law is misused by women to harass men and still continue to threaten men saying that they will continue to make the laws more stringent. Well, I really don't get whats the plan but I guess Government needs to wake up at least occasionally. And we all know that women aren't that beautiful as they look.

Jinesh Zaveri said...

Finally more and more people from the so called stronger sex of the community are speaking it out against the so called weaker sex.

I encourage and appreciate the courage and passion displayed both by the Men Cell Group and the Blogger.

While others who are pretending to sleep on this issue since 22 years and those who are still in the well where I was once thinking that it is the beautiful world, ridiculing such cries for help.

I invite them discover the dark side of the moon.

The blind law: Section 498A, That is widely misused by the wives to harrass the indian husbands and more so his old age parents and other family members.

My Blog

My Group

Anonymous said...


We have to teach these men a lessson, they harassed us for centuries, now government made laws in our favor, and these men are affraid.

i aks all indian women use this 498a or DV bill to control your man,otherwise they will make you thier slaves.


Liberate Indian Women

498A_Victim said...

HELP LINE Available for the victims of Dowry / Dowry Laws, Divorce / Child Custody / Domestic violence Bill

Contact Us for FREE HELP

By The victims
For the Victims

A 498A Victim

C Blue said...

Now people all over the world know how law (498A) is misused in India to send innocent elder-people to jail. UN, US and Canadian consulates are advicing people before coming to India.