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Thursday, November 03, 2005

'Time and Tide Wait for Some' and Associated Tomfoolery

I have collected quite a many VCDs (got no DVD drive on my PC) over the last few months but couldn't get the time to watch but a few. Time and task are always inversely proportional to one another. But that sceptics say is merely an excuse. What needs to be done can be achieved within the prescribed time frame. Give or take the occasional tsunami and hurricane. There is always a way of doing things faster (I discover new ones at work every day), the only problem is that we tend to discover them when their prime utility is long over (or so we believe).

Take fewer coffee and cigarette breaks at work and you can leave for home earlier.

Skip that stupid movie on late night TV and you can reach office on time.

Two lessons learnt for the day. Any more. anyone?

By the way did you get that email where it says that you can't rename a folder in Windows with the name - con. If you haven't, try it.

Another lesson, not attempting to rename folders with shady sounding names also saves some time. Or better still, slow down the clocks.

Disclaimer: The title of the post in whatsoever manner does NOT attempt to convey any idea that it is a sequel to 'Count Your Chickens before They Hatch' or for that matter any other 'bestseller.'

With this I complete a century of posts.


anthony said...

been doing a routine of one movie a night everyday after work for a long time now.. got me a whole load of DVDs(shh they r cheaper) and VCDs. In the last few weeks, have watched movies like casablanca, gone with the winds, cleopatra, even shark tales and incredibles, sholay yet again ...

But I watch "the MOVIE of the year" yesterday and it will last me for a year. Well, i don't know why i sat through the whole cinema. It was paid torture.. have never spent 300 bucks( i happen to buy the tickets and it costs 150 bucks for diwali) in a lesser terrible way in my life. Shaadi No. 1. Its a good way to torture urself.

Gypsy said...

hehe, thats more advice (yet to b tried on myself)..don't relate ur max speed of work last time and time in hand rite now for another always makes me procrastinate till im neck-deep in it...still, if u want to have some thrill, try this....

Gypsy said...

and yes, u are obsessed with ur cam man!

Abaniko said...

What about sleeping shorter hours? Or taking meals and bathing faster? Or cutting short your blogging time? Er, not the third option, please. Erase, erase.

dwaipayan said...

congrats for ur century. hope now u'd post some interesting things

Accidental Fame Junkie said...

Hi Soumyadip, I have noticed that not looking at the watch/clock (not even the one on your comp) helps in winding up the work fast. Could be just psychological though!

Congrats on the century! Tum jiyo hazaron saal!