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Friday, July 21, 2006

Archived Title Image No. 4

Put up a new title image a few days ago, but the blog block deferred the posting plans a little. The previous title image is of a sculpture at Sanskriti Kendra. Photographed April 21, 2006.

Sanskriti Kendra
The description of the present title image will be made available on its retirement.

Previous Title Image


Abhishek said...

after its retirement?

Soumyadip said...

Abhishek Taking the pic off from the title bar is for me equivalent to retiring the pic.

dwaipayan said...

u r so.... professional..yeah that is the word( atleast regarding ur blog)...

but meaningless crap is missing ur visits and comments

Atul Sabnis said...

the new one is nice, really nice.

Soumyadip said...

Dwaipayan Professional, hope there'r no hidden double meanings.

Atul Dhanyawaad. Pics with girls in them end up being nice.