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Friday, July 28, 2006

Can your Maruti do this?

An Ambassador Car on Shillong Road

The sturdy Ambassador - running on Indian roads since 1957 - may have lost its clientele. Once upon a time the Prime Minister to the bada babu all rode the Amby (those were the days of socialistic leanings). The PM now rides a German BMW. The bada babu has bought himself a Honda City. On the hills, where the incline is steep and the load is heavy, some Mark IIIs and IVs still ply - loyally.


educatedunemployed said...

That is just out right dangerous.

arindam said...

Greetings Edmundian!

Stumbled onto your blog just now, and what have you - a fellow Edmundian!

Which batch, partner? Science or Arts? I have a feeling I know you. I graduated in 2000.

Man, looking at those snapshots of Shillong (and SEC) sure made me nostalgic as hell. It’s been close to six years since I moved out. Thanks for putting them up in your blog.

Will e-mail later. Take care.


Soumyadip said...

Arindam Chances are that we do know each other. If you played cricket or handball (occassional legball) or cricket in the expansive Edmundian greens? We do know one another. And from the batch of 2000, the chances are even greater. Do email.

Soumyadip said...

Educatedunemployed Dangerous it is. But this is one of the best alternatives available.

Abaniko said...

Did you take this photo, Soumya? Really nice!

shivam said...

i've always been an ambassador enthusiast and two thumbs up for a post like this!

aquamarine said...

Ambis' are always the best when it comes to Indian roads. One my way to work, I find most of these new cars have huge dents on their sides and i'm sure dat would have been just a minor scar on an Ambi. It is sturdy and absolutely reliable...sad most ppl have forgotten the majestic king of the Indian roads.