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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Isspecial Cutting Chai - August 2006

The fifth Isspecial Cutting Chai (August 2006) is offered to Gaizabonts. Saluting Atul's ability to maintain nine blogs, in two languages, at a time. There are many other reasons too, visit his blog(s) to find out. Have a sip Atul.


Previous sipper: Babushkas and Anadems (July 2006)


aquamarine said...


Atul Sabnis said...

Soumyadip, tastes like heaven! Honoured, to say the least! Thank you!

adi said...

errr... cud u tell me wat ur criteria of selecting ppl for this honour wud be like... errr, like i liked the walk like an aquarian or was that egyptian... and i was wondering if i cud ask you whether it wont be much of a bother to you if you could kindly mail me these vintage ads, as you know i'm a student of advtg, so errr perhaps these might help me a lot u know... i hope you do understand...
ok bye

Soumyadip said...

Aquamarine Cheers! (Three of them)

Atul I am a chaiwallah in the making. There's one question I always wanted to ask you, how do you manage?

Adi The criteria is according to my whims and fancies. Actually it is based on a complex algorithm, which I too haven't been able to comprehend fully.

As for the ads, if you want them by email, I can send them to you, just let me know of your email id. Or you are always free to download them from the blog. There's a lot more to come. Do you want them now or later, when I'm through with Season Two?

aquamarine said...

complex algorithm, my foot!];)

Atul Sabnis said...

i manage with ... er...with difficulty ;)