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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Vintage Indian Advertisements 2.05

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Amul Milk Food
Amul Milk Food

Pond's Dreamflower Face Powder
Pond's Dreamflower Face Powder

Prestige Pressure Cooker
Prestige Pressure Cooker


Cadbury's Bournvita
Cadbury's Bournvita

Ads from November 1965

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Bharath Hemachandran said...

Very nice. Took me back to some old sportstar mags that I used to read as a kid.

What does a dreamflower look like? Is there even such a flower? :)

The lengths one goes to appear lighter skinned in India :).

dwaipayan said...

don't expect me to comment on all the post of this series.., i'm tired of praising you

b v n said...

hi...first time this space..keep posting !

b v n said...

and where do you get these pics...they bring in a lot of old memories...ya..b\w ones :)

o anonymous reader said...

Hey... same anon. reader again...

Those pics are cool! :D

BTW, how do you get the 'Recent Comments' thing on the side, if you don't mind my asking, please?

featherbone said...

is there ANY chance you might have the old yezdi ads?


Soumyadip said...

Bharath I too wonder. Pond's Dreamflower has been a favourite with Indians (female and male) since its launch in 1956.

The love for the lighter skin is the great Indian passion. Some of my male friends used Fair & Lovely, now they even got a masculine fairness cream Fair & Handsome.

Dwaipayan Yeah, me too.

BVN I will. Thanks for the visit.

Soumyadip said...

BVN I look for them at all places. Especially the second hand bookstores.

O Anonymous Reader You can find all the gyan here

Featherbone (aka Baruk) I think I have one (not very sure) Will look for it.

o anonymous reader said...


Thank you for that link, but it says:

So, I sat down and wrote my own little JavaScript Blogger template hack to extend the Blogger comment functionality. Now there is a commenting form right on the comments page.

I do not want a commenting form right on the comments page, but a section on the side where it says 'Recent Comments', and displays the recent comments made, like you had on here...?

"The love for the lighter skin is the great Indian passion. " - so true. It was once a passion in Britain too, in the Elizabethan times, if I remember any of my history from high school! The paintings of the high class people were all painted as having very bright skin... I don't know why, personally I think a tan is as beautiful as you can get. But whatever, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder... ;)

Thank you.

Soumyadip said...

o anonymous reader Sorry for the incorrect link. I hope this is the right one.

--Sunrise-- said...

Yes, that is the one... thank you very much! Much appreciated...

- o anonymous reader