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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Vintage Indian Advertisements 2.10

Wanted to post this yesterday but halfway through the posting process the SMPS of my assembled machine conked off. Replaced the stuff as soon as my working hours allowed me, and it left me half-a-grand poorer. This made me wonder that the PC has almost become a necessity that we cannot do without. Nice necessity.

[Click on images for a bigger view]

Mico (Bosch) - Motor Industries Co. Ltd., Bangalore
Mico (Bosch) - Motor Industries Co. Ltd., Bangalore

Flit Powder - Esso Standard Eastern, Inc.
Flit Powder - Esso Standard Eastern, Inc.

Walmasta Plastic Emulsion Paint - British Paints, Calcutta
Walmasta Plastic Emulsion Paint - British Paints, Calcutta

Glycodin Terp Vasaka

Swiss Air

Ads from November 1965

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dwaipayan said...

welcome to the my-pc-sucks club!

Appu said...

yep, a comp is a must have. Good Ads, they seem to keep coming.

san said...

forgive me if i've missed something - or link me to teh right direction if you've answered this question but whats the reasoning behind the vintage ads?

Great idea though, it's lovely to see old marketing ideas that were constructed in the good old days, kinda helps me with inspiration in my work :)

Soumyadip said...

Dwaipayan Can't exactly say that for my PC. She has been a good girl.

Appu The ads will go on. Dwaipayan once suggested that I start a different blog exclusively for ads, but that would be too much of an effort for me.

San I believe that I didn't yet explain the 'real' reasons behind this. I have always been an ad enthusiast, but was really disappointed by the absence of an online freely accessible archive of vintage Indian advertising. There do exist a few sites doing a good job, one is and the other is But then for an amateur ad lover or a student of advertising, they do not suffice, either because of the absence of archival material or prohibitive costs involved in acquiring them. The CDs available at Magindia cost between Rs 7,500 to Rs. 35,000. Not too high an amount for the professionals but for the student?

Therefore I thought that if I could in my small way try to fill in the yawning gap in the availability of Indian advertising from the yesteryears. Initially began with the print medium, because that is more easily accessible, will also attempt TVCs provided I have the resources. I am doing it primarily because of the feel good factor. It really makes me feel good doing this. And when I get mails from students with queries related to their assignments, that makes the whole effort worth it.

dwaipayan said...

cation like this.. no wonder you are becoming famous day by day... but however famous you get, don't stop posting on your blog.

Appu said...

Sammy, i agree with dwaipayan. You are pretty famous in blog world. I keep checking your blog on a daily basis. Pretty different from the rest, both yours and dwaipayans

San said...


that very good of you :) I am sure all those students will be thanking you.