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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Archived Title Image No. 10

Some readers found this title image a little distasteful and asked me to take it off. Keeping their sensibilities in mind I'm putting a new one up. Anyway it's been there for almost a month-and-a-half and the replacement with was long overdue. As Sandeepa said I remain the boss of this blog and things around here happen according to my whims and fancies, but once in a while I should heed to readers' concerns (or at least pretend to).

The movie is Madhubala, of course not based on the beauty of the yesteryears (I was and am an adorer) but on the Preeti Jain-Madhur Bhandarkar episode. It was running in one of Connaught Place's (New Delhi) oldest theatres, the landmark Regal, usually described as seedy, in-kempt and exhibiting 'A' rated films. Haven't yet been inside the theatre, but the posters usually attract sufficient attention.

Photographed October 1, 2006.

The description of the present title image will be made available on its retirement.


San said...

I like the new banner - suits all those archived ad posts .. gives you more of a magazine appeal ;)

dwaipayan said...

finally!!!!! now i can open ur blog in front of my mom.......again!!

adi said...

i dont agree with folks here, its ur blog, u r the king here...
anyways, now that i'm too on blogger erstwhile beta, i can comment on ur posts
and i wud avail this opportunity by wishing u an extra special creamy makhan mar chai new year
have fun

Gaizabonts said...

keep the fun flowing - through the new years' eve, and through the new year! Cheers! Happy New Year

Pallavi said...

Hey my new ad is

Pallavi said...

And a very happy new year

Soumyadip said...

San Yes, that is one of the purposes. But unfortunately I cannot be as regular as the magazines.

Dwaipayan Not for long. The images will keep changing.

Adi Thanks for the chai. I know that I rule here, but little pretensions of a democratic system does not harm and also minimises the chances of George Bush alleging the presence of any WMDs on this blog.

Gaizabonts To you too!

Pallavi I'll update my blogroll. And a very happy new year to you too.

Sandesh Jayakar said...

well its good if you do good for others... which you have done... wish you all the best

Sandesh Jayakar