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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Shifting Gears

A sunset for a new sunriseI lasted in my first job for two years two-and-a-half months. This time I'm changing my official address in exactly 10 months. Too soon, some say. But when opportunities come your way, better grab them, with both hands. So what if it entails a 70 kilometre ride every day? My hunt is for satisfaction, which I know I'll never achieve. And that's a good thing.

"Why do you want to leave this job?" the HR Manager asked me in my exit interview. An honest answer would have been, "I don't know." But he wouldn't have understood. Therefore I told him, "the work profile is what I always wanted to do, the salary's higher" and the other standard acceptable reasons. I didn't lie, these were just some of the obvious reasons. There are many other unobvious ones, which even we ourselves cannot comprehend. I said yes, to the offer at hand, because something inside me said yes. Why did it answer in the affirmative, it never gives us the reasons. And I don't argue.

Professionally things are changing, on the blog front I don't see much of a change, unless I try to apply my brushed-up professional skills on the blogosphere; or they tell me that it's either your blog or your job. Since the paapi pet rules, I'll continue with the latter (till the time I find myself a new job, with a fatter pay cheque of course). But that seems unlikely, since my boss' a blogger too.

I wrote this in my last job-switch post, it still holds true and will.

A struggler day entry in my diary (nowadays I only blog) reads, "Some days you are the dog, on others the lamppost. Today I was the lamppost..." Tomorrow too wouldn't be much different. The lamppost remains, the dogs change.


dwaipayan said...

my best wishes are with you .. and I still don't know if I'll be with you in near future.. however, a treat from you is pending!!

and I'm back to no comments movement!!

educatedunemployed said...

Good luck.:)

Sandeepa said...

Good luck...but don't leave the blog, here you rule, at the job it's your boss who does so. Unless you soon become your own boss of course

Gaizabonts said...

those are the most intriguing ones - the ones that we don't comprehend.

san said...

Congrats and all the best.

Hope it's a long and bumpy ride :)

dwaipayan said...

update plzzzzzzzz

aquamarine said...

There are times when we don't have logical answers and that's fine. Its a weird kinda intimate journey with yourself.
All the very best.

dwaipayan said...

update alert 2

aquamarine said...

merry xmas pal:)

dwaipayan said...

update alert3

Soumyadip said...

Dwaipayan (Comment 1) By now you should've got the treat.

Educatedunemployed Thanks.

Sandeepa Of course, I will not. It feels good being the boss somewhere, even though there might not exist anyone else to boss around with.

Gaizabonds Therefore.

San Thanks.

Dwaipayan Done.

Aquamarine (Comment 1) Thank you. I'm kinda weird, therefore any intimate journey with myself would definitely be crazy.

Aquamarine (Comment 2) And a Very Happy New Year too.

Dwaipayan (Comment 3) Read the response to your second comment.

Rohit Talwar said...

That's awesome! Congrats! Rock them hard! :)

Soumyadip said...

Rohit In the initial days it'll be they who'll be doing all the rocking. Thanks.