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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Humko Binnies Mangta

(Translates to "we want Binnies." But the Bambaiya appeal can't be translated) Is Binnies chips still available? The jingle was catchy and consumed a few packets as a result. Uncle Chipps used to be the most popular chips in town. Now it is Lays, and deservedly so (though both now belong to the same stable after Frito-Lay bought over the brand).

Don't know the exact period when this ad was aired but Binnies chips was launched by Jagatjit Industries Limited (who also produce Aristocrat liquor) in 1988.

Download video [WMV 757 KB 153kbps 00:00:28 Stereo 320X240]

There's a strike on in the tea gardens. The government is planning a SEZ there. Therefore the Isspecial Cutting Chai for December 2006 couldn't be brewed in time (actually was a little preoccupied over the last month). Anyway, a compromise formula is being worked out and the tea should start flowing from the factories soon. The SEZ will produce processed tea, so say sources.


dwaipayan said...

well done!!
and ye, now I can remember the ad. the line was a hit!!! but I don't remember ever having this chips.

Anonymous said...

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