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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The Rasna We Loved

The ad might not win any awards today, but in recall value it can beat many multi award winners.

Whether we loved Rasna or not, we surely do remember the 'I Love You Rasna' ad. A cuddly Ankita Jhaveri knows that her stuffed friends can't relish the Rasna therefore she helps herself with their share too.

Download video [FLV 1.6MB 00:00:34]

And boy has she grown up! Have a look at the pics below. An actress now, Ankita debuted in the Telugu film Lahiri Lahiri Lahiri Lo.

1 Comment:

--Sunrise-- said...

Awww!! This is too cute... haven't seen this ad, but I have seen Ankita's debut in Laahiri Laahiri Laahiri Lo... did you do your homework, I wonder? :)