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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The Umbilici in Amar Chitra Katha

Amar Chirta Katha, that venerable source of history and mythology for an entire pre-cable TV and internet generation also gratified other needs of pubescent boys. Ludwig at ships, shoes, sealing wax (I don’t know whether he sells the stuff too) offers us An Introduction to Ancient Indian Navel Architecture, With Some Observations on Contemporary Popular Historiography, where he analyses the art of different illustrators and concludes "that the Amar Chitra Kathas had had a much more formative effect on one's psyche than one had hitherto suspected."

[Via Desipundit]


dwaipayan said...

yes!!!!!!!! men will be men!!!!!! so what's so surprising???

ive seen my friends drooling over the pigmi girls in phantom...

Soumyadip said...

Dwaipayan Comics have the most droolable specimens. After all they are the output of man's imaginations and fantasies.

dwaipayan said...

but Maxim comes next :)