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Monday, February 19, 2007

2007 - The Year of the Mobile?

Last year everyone was all gaga about the Moto RAZR. I was too, looking at the ads and reading the reviews. Until I got my hands on one. It's good, but not as good as I had expected it to be, given the widespread extolment. Its lwasn't exactly the stunner that it pretended to be. It should have been a little slimmer. The guys at Moto overheard me (all my great ideas get lifted this way) and came up with the KRZR, over a centimetre narrower than its predecessor. But now it looks anorexic (usually happens with stolen ideas).


At the Global Mobile Awards 2007, the awards winning phones were:

Samsung's SGH-D900 (Best GSM Mobile Handset or Device)

Samsung SGH-D900

and Sony Ericsson K800 Cyber-Shot phone (Best 3GSM Mobile Handset or Device)

Sony Ericsson K800 Cyber-Shot

As the seventh year from the year that many celebrated as the beginning of the new millennium (but the Cubans didn't) began, the horticulturists at Apple unveiled to the world the hybrid of a mobile phone, an iPod and an internet communications device.



If you were all ogling that the sexy thing (expectedly) called the iPhone, LG and Prada delivered a sexy babe (the mobile, not the girl).

The Prada phone by LG

The Prada phone by LG

The drool session isn't over yet, here's a Swede bombshell - Neonode N2 (it supposedly can give the iPhone a real scare).

Neonode N2

Neonode N2

And there'll be many more. It's only February.


tony said...

Lovely Array of cell phones there :)

U still in delhi?

San said...

Ah my baby the Sony Ericsson K800 is a great phone and one that I've had no complaints with it .. although my contract is up now so I need to select a new handset ..

LG and Prada have nothing over teh iphone .. can't wait to get my hands on one of those.

dwaipayan said...

i don't own even a 1st generation mobile phone. so i don't want to get attracted to this post before i can afford one.

Soumyadip said...

Tony Yup, I'm still in the capital.

San A proud owner of an award-winning cellphone speaking. I didn't get the opportunity to get a feel of the Sony Ericsson K800, but it seems to be a good one. As for me I'm using the same phone for the last three years (no it's not a Nokia), it serves the minimalistic needs that I have. Though everyone around keep on pestering me to get a new one.

Dwaipayan Ah! the bliss of not having the necessary nuisance.