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Friday, February 02, 2007


Since it seems to be a season of kids in ads at Cutting the Chai. Here's another classic.

[Kid at a railway station.]

Bablu: Ramu Kaka!
Ramu Kaka: Aare Bablu yahan kya kar rahe ho? (Bablu! What are you doing here?)
Bablu: Sab gussa karte hain. Main ghar chor ke ja raha hoon. (Everyone gets angry with me. So I'm leaving home)
Ramu Kaka: Magar ghar mein to Mummy ne garma garam jalebiyan banayee hain! (But at home, Mummy has prepared hot jalebis!)
Bablu: Jalebee!
Ramu Kaka: Hm

[Ramu Kaka takes Bablu home on his bicycle.]

Mummy: To kya tai kiya aapne? (So, what have you decided?) Hm?
Bablu: Mmmm... Jana to hain... magar.. (Have to go, but...)
Dad: Haan magar bees pachis saal baad (But after 20, 25 years)
VO: Vishudha Dhara. Ankokha asar. Dhara (Pure Dhara. Unique effect)
[Agency: Mudra]

Enough of reading. Now to the real stuff (the video).

Download video [FLV 3MB 00:01:02]

Pity, I never ran away from home (though did a lot of searching for people who did. Hope you idiots are reading this). Once I thought of it, but the darkness outside and the stories of the lurking snakes, foxes and ghosts put cold water over all my plans. Anyway, it's too late now.


educatedunemployed said...

This add has been one of my all time favourites.I just love the way the boy squeals jalebiiiiiiiii..Used to make my day..And I love the header picture or whatever it is called.:)

And I miss reading your words.If you know what I mean.

dwaipayan said...

yes........i was thinking about this one.... still some of my friends want to ran away from home so that they can have those jalebees..

b v n said...

Oh man...just saw the three ads...thank you for the great work man ! and ofcourse the creativity of the ad-makers!

adi said...

has been my favourite
n u might know why ;)

Sush said...

oh God!! you brought back all the good memories..i used to love tht cute lil kid ..he was so darned adorable and this ad..always touched a cord!!
i am already reading n commenting on most of the posts :D

Prasanna said...

I spent close to an hour looking for this ad and I finally found it.. thanks a lot..

Goli said...

Hey, thanks for posting, landed up on your blog in search of this ad. Great blog. keep posting.