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Friday, February 09, 2007

Tera Husan Mujhe Bahut Bhaata Hain...

Peugeot's India story didn't have a happy ending. Differences between partners, cash crunch, labour unrest and mounting losses led the Italian French automaker take the exit route from India. But one of its ads shot in India did stay, in email attachments, video sharing sites and a few blogs.

Download video [FLV 1.3MB 00:00:34]

"Tera husan bahut mujhe bhaata hai, Tere sang naachun jee chahta hai..." the catchy song in the ad (which re-emerged later in many hit remixed avatars) was composed by Dutch musicians Niels Zuiderhoek and Jeroen den Hengst. A free downloadable file [MP3 3.74 MB 192kbps 44 kHz 00:02:43 Stereo] of the song can be found here.


filter kaapi said...

peugeot is french mate, not italian. d ad is cult!

Soumyadip said...

Filter Kaapi Oops! (and thanks for pointing that out).

Jaspreet said...

Can someone tell me where to actually get this song from??