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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Ha! Ha! India

Caution Cricket is Played in This AreaSo it's all over (well almost). The Blue Billion and the associated mumbo-jumbo. Maybe we lack the spirit, maybe we lack the ability, maybe we lack the will. Maybe we will win the next ICC Cricket World Cup. Maybe.

And maybe BCCI will have a functional website.

[Photo: Aunty P (cc)]


San said...

completely disappointed. shattered so many hopes :(

Fan's in India don't seem to forgiving either, I do feel players should be punished by taking away all these ad's and sponsors associated with them. Maybe then they will pay more time and attention to the game. It was a painful match to watch .. all the worlds pressure on Dravid's shoulders.

sighs. this stops the cricket posts on my blog.

Soumyadip said...

San Sponsorhip does have its benefits. But at the same time if it takes the focus away from the game, it should be done away with. After all, cricketers get sponsorship deals because they play cricket.

And hoping to see more of Sanny's cricket scribbles.