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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

What's Wrong with This Ad?

This ad and its television counterpart has been on for a long time. Good ads though. But there's something wrong with it. What?

Moods Condoms. My Man. Nothing satisfies a woman more
Moods condom ad

Condoms are about protection. But the guy's not wearing a helmet (he's riding a two wheeler). One variant shows him wearing protective gear (on the head), but this doesn't. Maybe because the girl can't nibble his ears through a helmet.

[Ad scanned from The Man, April 2007]


educatedunemployed said...

Ah nothing wrong methinks.The emphasis lies on the head that apparently matters more.

Gaizabonts said...

this one probably precedes the one with the helmet. 4play - perhaps ;)

soulstirringexperiences said...

Ha ha ha ha ... What a great observation ! ;-)

Euler's Identity said...

Great One man !!! BTW, I saw a PSU ad placed next to an article which can easily make one question the company's product line.Check if you have time at my blog - on similar subject to this post of yours

Anonymous said...

Everything is wrong with it. I prefer the Durex ad, where uncountable sperms follow this girl. You cannot miss it!!

This one has highlighted more of the literal sex. And literal in a wrong way. Too much of closeness and too much of intimacy without protection.

Or I could look at it as, "the guy and the gurl just cannot keep off each other, and it just gets better because they know they are protected..." but is this catchy??

I hate the cheeky maid who is in the ad. That not so impressive appearance she makes and finds a condom on the bed. LOL. Funny.
Could have had an impact, but this one is just eye appealing without too much of message to impart!

v.m said...

oh my gosh, this is crazy, I worked on this ad 4-5 years back soon after which I had left India to study. And tonight i was online looking for some vintage indian ads and stumble on this

btw great blog, keep the good work going. great archive of fond memories from childhood in those vintage ads


v.m said...

ofcourse i am not gonna get into the "does it work" question, all i can say is it was fun working on the shoot and the campagin