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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

'Blogs, Like Memories, Don't Die'

Occasionally, when I'm alone (a rarity in this e-era) a thought comes to me. But I was unable to elucidate it in sentences. Now, Atul in one of his sixteen blogs, coincidentally, expresses those feelings in a manner (as usual) that I wouldn't have managed to.

...blogs, like memories, don't die. Or something to that effect. And I believe so. People delete blogs, they stop writing at their blogs, yet blogs themselves don't die. They may be pushed back in the darkest deepest recesses of an inaccessible server somewhere, but they don’t die. At worst, they don't grow - they stagnate for want of nutrition.

Blogs don't die. Bloggers do. They die two kinds of death, one of which is certain.


dwaipayan said...

is this blog dead?????

ohitsme said...

Oh no Please dont even say that. Its the best blog...will feel horrible if I cant start my day with this blog.

dwaipayan said...

raam naam satya hain

Soumyadip said...

Dwaipayan: Sorry to disappoint you, but this blog's back. Hibernation it was.

Tasneem: Ideally I would've liked to post a post (if not more) every day. But then both ideas and time are limited resources.

ohitsme said...

I agree time could be a constraint but 2with you there just cant be shortsge of ideas of that I am sure. All articles are so original, non personal and so very interesting for me. We will wait but dont go away. Please keep it up.

dwaipayan said...

dthat easy to fathom me?? sorry my friend. I am happy to see this blog updated..