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Sunday, November 04, 2007

Bollywood's House of Horrors

A nice collection of hand-painted kitschy posters of Hindi horror flicks (I vaguely remember watching a few of these) can be found here. These are scary (read amusing). A few samples:

I can't read Urdu. Can someone help with this? Tasneem says that it reads, Loorud Bala, but couldn't delve further into the meaning except for the Bala part which translates to a beautiful woman and/or trouble.
Vinayak feels it might mean 'Bloody Evil Spirit' and points out that the film is possibly in Pashto.

The above is a perfect specimen of the bhoot in Indian cinema. The other is the kind draped in a white saree, but may transmogrify into the specimen above

Anmol Moti (Priceless Pearl)

Jangal Mein Mangal - The word mangal literally translates into auspicious. Therefore it should translate to 'Auspiciousness in the Jungle,' but it doesn't. The name has some other inference and the phrase has found its place into popular vocabulary.

Via Peex Blog

More Indian horror film posters (including Hindi dubbed versions of South Indian films) are listed here.

In case you're interested in some C-grade A-rated tiltilation, here is another sizeable collection of posters

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ohitsme said...

I know says "loorud Bala" but that doesnt make any sense. Bala is like afat or musibat..its difficult to get the exact English word for it. But Loorud to me has no meaning. I am sure even non urdu speaking people understand "bala" ,generally you find this word in describing a beautiful woman..khubsoorat bala

Soumyadip said...

Tasneem: Thanks for the input. It just could be one of those movies with weird names.

Vinayak said...

I think it’s a Pustu movie poster…have seen quite a few. thehotspotonline is a beautiful site…don’t know why it stopped.

Vinayak said...

Loorud Bala
Loorud: Bloody
Bala: Al tu jalal tu aaye bala ko taal tu
I think a rough translation would be: "Bloody Evil Spirit"

Soumyadip said...

Vinayak You could be right. And that would make the title of this post a little off the track.