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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Revenge of the Zapped Ads

It seems that some of the effort that I've put in this blog might just become redundant. There's a new website in town called that acts as an online storehouse for all those TVCs.

This is from their brochure: is a 24/7 online video directory for brands. Targeted at the global Indian, may be the answer to zapped out television commercials.

The '24/7' adjective before 'online video directory,' may seem superfluous. The web is 24/7 (unless you have subscribed to the ISP I have). But then they are attempting to place themselves as complementary to TV. And against the seconds of airtime on TV, the '24/7' tag might have some appeal.

The site is in all in flash that takes a while to load and refresh. The interface is also not very user friendly. I tried opening the site in IE7 (Firefox is my default) and it just doesn't seem to work there.

Though this site is all about videos, text is also necessary for a more wholesome user experience. And using logos to identify the ads also don't help as different ads from the same brand have the same logo and I can't know which is which unless I play the video.

Nevertheless, they have a sizeable number of ads categorised under 24 different heads. But they still have a long way to go. Good idea though - No interruptive soaps, only commercials.

And here is their own ad

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