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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Hot Brides Courtesy Lakme

Saket Chaudhary's much loved 2006 romantic-comedy Pyar Ke Side Effects provides us with some insights on why do girls want to get married and boys are usually (though not always) averse to the idea.

There's a scene in the movie where Sid (Rahul Bose) Nanoo (Ranvir Shorey) and Aamir Bashir (Kapil Sharma - Sid's brother-in-law) discuss the finer details of marriage over bottles of beer.

Kapil's observation is that girls want to get married because wedding is a beauty contest that every girl can win, as on that day her make-up, clothes, jewellery is better than rest of the girls. That day "she can be Miss World".

And Lakmé Salon's Bridal Sutra attempts to make that every girl's 'Miss World dream' come true.

I found this print ad for Bridal Sutra Looks at the Lakmé Salon ver sexy. This proves that sexiness isn't inversely proportional to the skin area covered with clothes.

Lakme Bridal Sutra Ad
Look the best on your wedding day.
Introducing Bridal Sutra looks at the Lakmé Salons.
Signature bridal make-up, hairdos and saree draping in a range of traditional, contemporary and regional styles.
Visit to locate a salon near you.
Call 011-26143298/0584 for further queries.
Lakmé Salon

Agency: Publicis Ambience


Trauma Queen said...

lakme is a big cheat
before this bridal sutra package came up - my friend booked an appt with lakme for party make-up (since most beauticians go over-board with bridal make-up)

as soon as we landed there they insisted they could only do bridal make-up and the price was different from what they promised on phone

all scams i tell u!

Trauma Queen said...

pyaar ke was a crappy movie full of cliches. it's high time someone made a movie showing the "commitment freak" played by a woman :P

and if women are only intereste din looking like miss worlds, they better have rich daddies or high paying jobs so that they get many chances to be miss worlds (ala lizzy taylor)