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Friday, November 07, 2008

Young Salman and Lime n Lemony Limca

Salman Khan did a bit of modelling (like many other Bollywood stars) before making it big on the big screen. I remember having a poster of Salman in a bike advertisement (cant recall which).

This is a very young Salman (though he still doesn't look his age) playing football and quenching his thirst with some lime and lemony Limca.

Download video [00:01:05 FLV 1.39 MB]
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Who can forget his first victory?
Limca with isotonic salts to quench your thrist

Fun time Limca time
Young time Limca time
Masti time Limca time
Lime n Lemony Limca

Who can forget his first love?
Togetherness with lime n lemoni Limca

Fun time...

Who can forget his first journey?
Safely travel with zero bacteria Limca

Fun time...
Limca Limca

Catchy tune? Catch it for your mobile

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Pallavi said...

hahah !! I liked watching this ... had forgotten about this..

Vinayak Razdan said...

That is quite a relic :)
I think Salman was in the ad for BSA cycles. Or maybe i am thinking BSA because its ads were often featured in comic books.

ravi said...

the advertisement was of atlas bicycle..which he rode in his movie amine pyar a child the clip of this movie was advertised in bycycle shop by atlas...