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Friday, October 06, 2006

Glimpses of Delhi History

The Mehrauli Archaeological Park doesn't feel or look like Delhi. Located besides the busy Mehrauli-Gurgaon Road, the place feels centuries and hundreds of kilometres away from the bustling metropolis. Tired legs prevented the complete exploration of the park (had been elsewhere earlier in the day).

Metcalf's Canopy

Metcalf's Canopy

This canopy was built by Charles Metcalf as a 'folly' - a new building meant to look like old to be viewed in the landscape. The semi circular arches in relief give-away the time period of the building meant to be seen from the southern opening of Quli Khan's Tomb, which Metcalf used as a retreat. The canopy provides excellent views of the surrounding areas.

Jamali Kamali
Mosque and Tomb
1528 AD

[Qutub Minar in the distance, as seen from Jamali Kamali Mosque]

Jamali was a traveller and a great poet, known to have served the court of Sikander Lodi. The grand mosque is five bay wide with the central opening is flanked by turrets. Within the enclosure is the small square tomb with a profusely decorated interior which includes verses penned by Jamali on the cornice.

Ruins: Balban's Tomb
16th-17th Century

This was obviously a flourishing settlement in the 16th-17th Century, with a central courtyard and residential wings.

[Descriptions are from the Archeological Survey of India plaques]


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Appu said...

good pic. we need to revisit such places as a constant reminder of our diverse culture.